Why we made Multiple Jeopardy

“Dr. Suresh isn’t the first doctor who killed himself after a complaint. And he certainly won’t be the last, unless things change. My motivation is to get organisations to transform the way they handle such complaints. No one should be treated as though they guilty until allegations have been substantiated.

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity, with humanity, with compassion. When I met Dr. Suresh’s widow, despite her grief, despite her anguish, she is courageous. She wants to prevent tragedies like this happening again by campaigning for systemic change. I felt compelled to get her message out.

This film had to be made.”

Dr Ifat Ataullah, Director

“I am disclosing and recording the events surrounding my husband’s death so that no other similar unsubstantiated allegation could lead to further deaths. No other individual should be framed, shamed, defamed and find himself compelled to take his own life due to enormous distress caused by failures in the communication, lack of pre-assessments or procedures followed by powerful organisations.”

Mrs Suresh, Widow

“One of the biggest areas that we would like to see change is this issue of multiple jeopardy. And whether there is an ability, where there are multiple agencies involved to have some sort of streamlined process that a doctor doesn’t face, having to go through these onerous and devastating investigations over and over again.” 

Dr Pallavi Bradshaw, Medicolegal Lead, Medical Protection Society