Director’s Motivation

Dr Ifat Ataullah on the motivation behind Multiple Jeopardy

Minver Films was established in 2020 with the aim of “creating ripples”.

We tell human stories that need to be told. Stories that enlighten and inform; that can resonate, infuriate and enrich.

It’s rare for one little film to make a big difference in this world, b​ut little films in the right places can have incredible power. They can change hearts and minds. Sometimes, even policies.​​We can’t predict where this venture will lead. We just want to throw some great big rocks out into the middle of the lake and wait for the ripples to reach the shore; maybe shake things up a bit.

“After 25 years as an NHS doctor, delivering literally hundreds of babies, I have embarked on a new career: delivering content!

In 2020 – a year no doctor will ever forget – I formed MINVER FILMS and pulled together a highly talented team of professionals to produce my first documentary: MULTIPLE JEOPARDY. We are collaborating with SUTTON FILMMAKERS and CHOCOLATE FILMS for completion.

My output as a filmmaker will never match that of my medical career – mothers and babies are an affirmation of life itself– but I aim to produce a steady stream of powerful films with something important to say – and hopefully create a few ripples along the way…”

– Dr Ifat Ataullah, Director

The Team

If you’d like to find out more about the family’s case progress please visit the Protecting Medics From Tragedies website here.

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